2017 State Report Card

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2017 State Report Card

With all the changes and controversies surrounding state testing over the last several years, we want to share with you some information on how the Orange City School District is responding to the most recent assessments.

What exactly are the Ohio AIR tests?
  • The State of Ohio introduced the Ohio Achievement Assessments prepared by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) last year. Orange will use last year’s results as a baseline for assessing this year's results and future tests.

  • The AIR tests are now required to be taken online only and include the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. 

  • Students will take the state AIR assessments in the following grade level and subject areas:
      • Moreland Hills School:
        • 3rd grade - English Language Arts & Mathematics
        • 4th grade - English Language Arts, Mathematics & Social Studies
        • 5th grade - English Language Arts, Mathematics & Science
      • Brady Middle School:
        • 6th grade - English Language Arts, Mathematics & Social Studies
        • 7th grade - English Language Arts & Mathematics
        • 8th grade - English Language Arts, Mathematics & Science
      • Orange High School: 
        • 9th & 10th graders enrolled in the following courses:
        • Biology 
        • Advanced Algebra 1
        • Algebra 1B 
        • Geometry
        • English 9
        • English 10 
      • All OHS students will take the following exams: 
        • 20th Century Government
        • American History
How did Orange students perform on the 2017 state report card compared to the 2016 results?
  • In most areas, Orange showed a significant increase in percentage points.

  • Orange Schools' Achievement Component and Prepared for Success combined scores place the District in the top 6% in the state of Ohio.

*combination of  Indicators Met (25%) and Performance Index (75%)
**includes: all students, gifted students, students with disabilities, and the lowest performing students 
  • In Value-added progress data, Orange achieved an "A" in every area (all students, gifted students, students with disabilities, students in the lowest 20% statewide)
What is the Orange School District doing to continue improving state assessment scores?
  • Orange is using the 2016 results as a baseline that will allow us to measure results this year and in future years, which will allow us to continue our positive trajectory.
  • We continue to focus on areas where we need improvement. Our goal is to continue improving state test score by incorporating the state standards into the curriculum while maintaining Orange’s tradition of providing unique and innovative programming.
  • We will continue the work of our teacher-based teams and building leadership teams that began three years ago to analyze student data. We will use that data as we put into effect formal protocols to ensure that the work of the teams is focused and purposeful.
  • We have implemented the Orange Achievement Plan (OAP) into our student learning focus and teaching strategies. OAP is a structured improvement plan based on the Ohio Improvement Process and will help us to continue to develop instructional strategies that ensure students will master the state standards. This plan involves collaborative leadership teams at the District and school levels, along with teacher teams at each school, to share successes and challenges. 

  • OAP allows Orange to improve student achievement on the state tests without sacrificing the 21st Century learning and authentic engagement opportunities we have used over the years. 
Does using the Orange Achievement Plan mean Orange will be “teaching to the test”?
  • Absolutely NOT! Orange understands the importance of reaching high achievement on state testing without sacrificing the engaged learning experiences children deserve. Orange has a very rigorous curriculum and a highly qualified teaching staff that is dedicated to student learning.

  • The state has a set of standards it requires school districts to follow. By implementing the OAP within the Orange learning environment it will allow us to continue offering students engaging, innovative and creative lessons while addressing state achievement results.

  • Orange is about more than test scores. Please visit our Quality Profile webpage to see a few of the many things Orange students are achieving beyond state testing.
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