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Additional FAQ

When will school begin for 2020-2021?

August 17 -26: Staff Only
August 27: First Day All Students, Engage Remotely with Chromebooks

What Social and Emotional Resources Will Be In Place as Students Return?

Each school will continue with Guidance (MHS), Pride (BMS) and We Connect (OHS) sessions with students, giving them a non-academic contact time to be with peers and a staff member for support. We continue to employ a social worker in each building as well, in addition to our counseling staff.

Will Fall Athletics continue?

Summer sports workouts continued on campus with over 200 student athletes advancing through the three phases established by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), also without a COVID-19 incident. Furthermore, many students and families have expressed the need for these programs. Unlike schooling which consists of a couple of thousand students and hundreds of adults interacting within the confines of classrooms and hallways, these activities will consist of a small subset of participants, with the bulk of time spent outside, a much less likely place for transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, after consulting with our Athletic Director, considering guidance from the Ohio Department of Health and the OHSAA, and listening to input from parents, we have decided to resume Orange High School fall sports and related extracurricular activities, including band and Lionettes. 
We will continue to require that our coaches, staff and students/athletes adhere to the safety protocols that were well established this past summer. The coaches and advisors will reach out to the students this week. Subsequently, details for phases of practice and workouts, as well as competition, if applicable, will be communicated to families by our Athletic Director Katie Hine on Friday, August 14th. The plan is to resume in-person activity on Monday, August 17th.  Middle school families will be contacted soon, and winter/spring athletes and coaches will receive more information about resuming off-season workouts in the near future. We will move forward taking it one step at a time, monitoring program success and the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. 
Finally, it is important that we stress that participation in sports and related extracurricular activities is voluntary. Students are not to be pressured to participate, and no negative consequences should befall them if they choose to not participate. In the event a shutdown is ordered, I am hopeful that these programs can continue remotely, keeping our kids engaged and Lion Strong!

What about before and after school care/Open Door?

We will be offering extended child care through Orange Community Education and Recreation's (OCER) Lions Club.
Considering OCER, we reopened in July with over 400 participants cycling through our summer camp programming throughout the month. These camps were successful with zero COVID-19 incidents. Childcare cannot be delivered virtually, and our families depend on OCER to get back to work, especially with school being fully remote. Upon asking CCBH to weigh in on offering Lions Club and extended care, their response was simply for us to do so, assuming we can meet the requirements under state guidance for childcare programs. Therefore, considering the successful summer programs and the CCBH response, we will resume the OCER plans for offering childcare this fall. For details, please visit Lions Club Extended Care.

What if Our Family has Technology Needs?

All students, K-12, will be issued a Chromebook to be used at home. Just as we did in the spring, we will provide direct contact to our IT department in the event your school-issued Chromebook has an issue or if you have WiFi needs. Please contact your child’s principal if you have immediate questions.

Will the District provide Technology support during Remote Learning?

Yes. Please visit our remote learning Technology webpage.

This webpage will provide you with information on Chromebook content filtering, cleaning and repair along with Google Meets, online resources for students and parents, and what to do about suspicious emails?

Will food service be available?

Details coming soon

How is it that school cannot open in-person, yet OCER can host Lions Club childcare?

The extended childcare option at OCER was conceived by the OCER leadership as a response to the community need for care when the District announced blended learning, well before we went fully remote. Like what is traditionally known as "Open Door" during a typical year, this was to give parents an option for childcare. Like schooling, we paused those program plans while we sought guidance from CCBH as childcare facilities and programs were not mentioned in the recommendation to go virtual. Upon receiving feedback from CCBH, as noted in the letter announcing resumption of some programs, we proceeded to offer this option. Parents have written asking for help with childcare, and OCER has responded. Also, just like the sports decision, there are data from the summer experiences that demonstrate these programs can operate safely, with significantly less children and adults on campus compared to regular schooling. None of this is ideal or easy, but we are trying to give parents and kids options during this tough time.

When COVID-19 cases begin to decline, will we return to in-person schooling?

Per the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, as we move forward and consider any future modifications to these recommendations, the factors under review by our agency will include, but are not limited to:


Positivity Rates – A sustained decline in COVID-19 testing positivity rates below 5%.


New Case Reports – A sustained decline in new cases over a one-month period.


State Public Health Advisory System – A risk rating of Orange/2 or below over multiple weeks, which must clearly indicate sustained improvement in the metrics as they relate specifically to our health jurisdiction.


COVID-19 testing capacity for children – There is currently little to no testing available for those under the age of 18, which dramatically complicates our outbreak response in the school setting. The lack of testing limits our response to a symptom-based investigation response.


It is important to keep in mind that Dr. Gullett of the CCBH also warned superintendents to be mindful of the likely onset of flu season "squarely" around the 9 week mark, giving rise to flu symptoms that are not discernible from COVID-19. This will likely result in a spike of quarantines and absences for students and staff, another great concern whether we are in-person or virtual, but especially if we are in-person as availability of bus drivers, custodians and teachers, etc., all impact whether or not we can have school.

What if I have additional and/or individual questions?

We know that you may have additional questions that were not answered in the FAQ.
Please share those questions with us by filling out the form linked here

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