Orange Schools Campus closed through the end of the school year
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orange Schools campus will be closed from through the end of the school year. All activities, events, athletics, clubs, and field trips are cancelled and all facilities are closed during that time and until further notice. 
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Benefits of a Music Education

Numerous research studies show that a music education has a positive affect on student achievement and personal development.
  • Music equips students with the foundational skills to learn. It cultivates critical thinking skills, prepares the brain for achievement and fosters superior working memory and vocabulary.
  • Music education bolsters student engagement and achievement in other academic subjects. For example, studies show that it advances math achievement and boosts proficiency in reading and second languages.
  • Music develops the abilities for lifelong success. It sharpens attentiveness, strengthens perseverance and supports self-esteem.

There are many benefits to a music education which is why......An Excellent Education Includes the Arts.


For more details, please use the link below to read  "Music Matters: How Music Education Helps Students Learn, Achieve and Succeed."   This research paper was created in May, 2018.
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