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English II Honors - Social Issues Nonfiction Research

Research is a process. For your research paper, you will:

  • Identify an issue that is important from your book
  • Create a concept map (bubble.us)
  • Explain why you selected the issue, identify an essential question/thesis
  • Explain the issue using examples from your primary source (your book)
  • Analyze the issue and provide supporting evidence using 3-4 secondary sources (i.e.: research databases, credible web sites).
  • Cite your sources using NoodleTools
  • Take notes (notecards) and create an outline to organize your research using NoodleTools
  • Convert your notes/outline into a working rough draft
  • Edit and revise, include parenthetical references
  • Prepare your works cited
  • Submit your paper to Turnitin.com
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