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2020-2021 Start of School Info & Parent FAQ
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FAQ Start of School

Parent FAQ

Welcome to the Parent FAQ page!

Welcome to the Orange Schools parent FAQ page. As we navigate uncharted waters in a very fluid environment, please know that we are dedicated to providing the best education possible as safely as possible. I continue to be incredibly impressed with our families and the grace and flexibility that has been extended to the schools throughout this very trying time. In line with the governor’s strong recommendation, as well as that of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) and University Hospitals Healthy Restart Team Playbook, we have created a schedule that will allow us to reduce class size for safety. As you know, we split the students into cohorts to create a safe environment allowing 6 feet of distance between students in the classroom. The half-day model is one way to do this, and while we did consider alternating full days, in the end, we selected the half-day model to give students and parents more of a routine, as well as avoiding situations where students are not in school for four or five days, sometimes in a row. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cites the importance of routine and having kids back in school, and this plan achieves this goal, safely.

While there is no perfect alternate model,  here are some of the benefits of the schedule. A 2 1/2 hour model allows students to focus on core content (reading, writing and numeracy), as recommended by the governor. Students will engage in three to four sessions, and then have a much needed break as they transition back home. It also makes it more likely the students will be able to maintain proper mask wearing, which also makes them safer. Finally, the shortened day allows us to provide grab and go lunch, yet another way to decrease  gatherings of students who would be taking off their masks to eat. This is also in line with the University Hospitals Healthy Restart Playbook.

We know that these times are very difficult for our families, and we empathize as no facet of society is unscathed by COVID-19. We appreciate your continued flexibility and support as we develop and plan to implement BOTH full-remote learning as well as blended learning options for our families.  We will strive to provide the best education possible, as safely as possible as we move forward together.
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