Additional FAQ from Sept 10

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Additional FAQ from Sept 10

in person returns, what will the protocol be for any student who shows any signs of sickness?...

If in person returns, what will the protocol be for any student who shows any signs of sickness? What if they show signs of a minor cold- will they be sent home and asked to be tested for Covid? My son has asthma so if he gets even a simple cold, he has a cough that lingers for weeks. I’ll probably continue with remote because of this but just wondering what the protocol will be.

The parents need to work with nurses in these situations, especially with allergies and asthma. New symptoms or unusual symptoms versus typical annual symptoms from allergies or asthma are more concerning. In general, a child needs to be sent home with symptoms until there is no fever for at least 24 hours without the aid of medication and other symptoms have subsided.

If school is returned in person can we still use Lion's club with current standards & pay the fees?

Our daughter is in kindergarten Lion's club day program- if school is returned in person can we still keep her in Lion's club with current standards and pay the fees applicable?

Yes, if school returns to in person, we will have Lions Club and the kids currently enrolled will have a spot. 

We have that model worked out, but it is unknown if we will be able to accept additional kids due to space issues as preschoolers will begin returning also.

What are you doing to increase student interaction - addressing social/emotional needs?

What specifically are you doing to increase student interaction with each other - addressing social/emotional needs?

Orange High School:
We are continuing our WeConnect meetings every Friday which presents an opportunity for students to interact beyond a traditional remote classroom (advisory vs. class) and a variety of issues are discussed. Additionally, we are hosting a virtual Activity Fair this Friday and students will then be able to join the wide selection of clubs OHS offers. Sports are happening now, so students will be interacting in-person through sports practices and contests. Students can only attend events in a socially distant manner, specifically outside the stadium (as we had many do at the soccer game; they watched the game from the "hill" by OHS) or if they are given a ticket from a student-athlete (student-athletes are permitted 2 tickets to games in the stadium). Finally, I have been coordinating with the SGA adviser on coordinating other social events (virtually for the time being) for the students and will have more information in the near future.

Brady Middle School:
Pride continues to be a part of our schedule at Brady and meets every other day during remote instruction.  Pride activities help students to build connections with their Pride leader as well as other students in the Pride.  Our guidance counselors continue to provide social/emotional support to students during remote learning.  Events and activities are posted on their home page.  Brady will be hosting a virtual activity fair in the very near future.  This event will help students find a club/activity that sparks their interest and helps them to connect with a like-minded adult and peer group.

Moreland Hills School:
Our guidance counselors have scheduled classes during the 6-day rotation.  They focus on many topics including online interactions between peers.   They also meet with small groups and individual students to support those who are struggling socially and emotionally. 

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