Gifted Service

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orange Schools will be closed from March 16 through May 1. All activities, events, athletics, clubs, and field trips are cancelled and all facilities are closed during that time and until further notice. 

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Gifted Service

Gifted Service

The Orange gifted program mission statement is a direct reflection of the Orange City Schools mission statement:

The Orange Schools mission is to foster an academically excellent educational system designed to develop critical thinking and civic-minded students who will contribute to our global society. The system also encourages the support and participation of the community it serves.

We believe and strive to:

  • Provide appropriate learning experiences in flexible settings with intellectual and/or chronological peers.

  • Provide a curriculum which challenges each student by incorporating creative problem solving, critical thinking, divergent thinking, interpersonal relationships, logical reasoning, oral expression, research, and written expression.

  • Provide self-directed, independent and diverse activities, assignments and services, which extend learning beyond the regular classroom curriculum and address individual interests, talents and needs.

  • Help each student gain a realistic and healthy self-concept by recognizing strengths, weaknesses, areas needing improvement and potentialities.

  • Provide a curriculum which challenges students to intellectually extend themselves.

The Orange City School District provides a continuum of services to nurture exceptional abilities. Gifted Intervention Specialists work in all buildings and provide small group support for our students.

Additional information regarding program options, qualifications and services is available at the link entitled District Plan for Identification and Service of Gifted Students. 

Please note: In compliance with the Ohio Operating Standards, we offer assessment opportunities two times per school year, fall and winter. 

 For further information, please contact one of our faculty members

Sheli Amato - Coordinator of Gifted
[email protected] or telephone ext. 4611

Jean Metzger - Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 1 and 4
[email protected] or telephone ext. 4128

Kate Allard- Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 2 and 5
[email protected] or telephone ext. 4127

Maggie Gobetz - Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades Kdg and 3
[email protected] or telephone ext. 4113

Dave Tirpak- Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grade 6 
[email protected] or telephone ext. 3233
Christina Fuller - Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grade 7
[email protected] or telephone ext. 3218

Jen McGeown - Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 8
[email protected] or telephone ext. 3137

Kathy Frazier- Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 9-12
[email protected] or telephone ext. 2127 

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