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Welcome to Brady Middle School Guidance!

The guidance counselors at Brady Middle School work collaboratively as part of the professional school team. Counselors work closely with grade level teams to ensure student success and achievement. The counselors provide individual, small group, and classroom guidance lessons that support and enhance students’ academic, personal/social, and career goals at each grade level. Counselors serve as advocates for our students by providing supportive communication, direct service to students and families, and aligning specialized resources with family and student needs.

The guidance program provides preventative, developmental and support services in an effort to build assets and develop resiliency skills in our students. As a student-centered program, our goal is to support the Orange School District’s mission to develop critical-thinking and civic-minded citizens who will contribute to the local community and our global society.


BMS Courses by Grade


Mrs. Sarah DiBenedetto - Counselor for Teams 6B,7B, & 8B
[email protected]
(216)831-8600 Ext. 3624

Mrs. Cindy Massey - Counselor for Teams 6A, 7A, & 8A
[email protected]
(216)831-8600 Ext. 3623

Mrs. Jennifer Pflaum - Guidance Office Assistant
[email protected]
(216)831-8600 Ext. 3613

Guidance fax (216) 839-1335

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