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OHS PTA Educational Grant Applications


Orange High School PTA is pleased to again offer the Educational Grant program at OHS.  Over the past seven years, PTA has provided more than $28,000 in grants to teachers.  The grant application process is relatively simple.  Please review the guidelines below for grant qualifications and submit your application by Friday, December 12, 2014.  PTA will review the request in early January and will notify you of the status of your application.  If approved, funds will be available in January, which means that enhancements for your classroom can be implemented this school year.


Guidelines for Educational Grant Submission:

1.   Students/classroom must receive direct benefit from the purchase.


2.   The grant request cannot exceed $300 per teacher, including shipping.  Since both PTA and Orange High School are tax exempt organizations, there should be no tax. 


3.   Teachers can bundle their requests for items that cost more than $300, as long as the grant request per teacher does not exceed $300. (For example, two teachers can bundle a grant request for an item that totals $600.)


4.   The following expenses are not accepted:  teacher education/training, development, furniture, club activities, gift cards.


5.   Once purchased, all items become the property of OHS.  Note:  If your grant request pertains to technology, please contact Jennette Kane at x2238 or [email protected] to ensure that your request is in line with district goals and guidelines prior to submitting your application.


6.   To be eligible to apply for an OHS PTA Educational grant, you must be a member of the OHS PTA.  It costs $15 per teacher, and it is not too late to join.  If you are not yet an OHS PTA member, please complete the attached membership form and include it along with payment when you submit your grant request application.   Please note that all teachers included on a bundled request application must be OHS PTA members.


PTA appreciates the opportunity to enhance the learning environment for OHS students.  We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity and submit your PTA Educational Grant Application by Friday, December 12, 2014.  If you have any questions, please contact me.


Michelle Borgman

OHS PTA Educational Grants Chair

[email protected]  216-344-0885

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