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What is Reflections?
The Ohio PTA, through National PTA, holds an annual cultural arts program, Reflections. Children in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit original works of art in six areas: literature, visual arts, photography, dance choreography, film production and music composition. PTA strongly supports education in the arts. It is about creating educational excitement and involvement within our schools between parents, teachers and our kids.
Theme for 2017-2018: Within Reach
We are proud of the dozens of students across campus who submitted more than 70 entries. Special recognition goes to the13 students whose works received first place honors. These winning entries will be sent to the State Contest in Columbus and first place winners at the state level will then move on to the national competition.

Congratulations to all students who entered this year’s competition!


Category: Literature


1st Place: "Piano Persevering" by Hailey Kochis 
2nd Place:  “My Kite” by Oriana Arnold
3rd Place:  “I am Growing” by Oriana Arnold"


Middle School

1st Place:  “A Pen is Always Within Reach” 
by Lily Boardman 
2nd Place:  “Potato” by Xavier Arnold
3rd Place:  “Milo” by Lily Boardman


High School

1st Place:  “Up For Grabs, Down For Keeps” 

by Sarah Litwak
2nd Place: “Thank You For Leading The Way” 
by Cherrisa Lindsay 
3rd Place:  “Lines” by Miranda Hexter 

Category: Photography


1st Place: “Dizzy” by Violet Tomino

2nd Place: “The Mountain” by Eloise Anderson


1st Place:  “Be on the Rail”  by Oriana Arnold

2nd Place: “Reaching Rainbow” by Emma Wolf

3rd Place:  “Summer Blossom” by Isabelle Wilson

Middle School

1st Place:  “Endless Spiral” by Xavier Arnold

2nd Place: “Mountain in the Background” 

by Xavier Arnold

3rd Place: “Hibiscus Delight” by Teresa Achkar

High School

1st Place:  “Inner City” by Leah Rudow

2nd Place: “Turn n Burn” by Amanda Spencer

3rd Place: “Work Harder” by Emma Briskin

Category: Dance Choreography


1st Place:  “Mom” by Taryn Michener

Middle School

1st Place:  “Run to You” Sophia Stepanyan 
and Marissa Gildschmidt

Category: Visual Arts


1st Place:  “Doll” by Charlotte Niazov

2nd Place: “The Blueprint” by Benjamin Clayton

3rd Place: “Going to Mars” by Violet Tomino


1st Place:  “The Light” by Cydney Feinberg

2nd Place: “Stretching Towards my Dreams” 

by Abigail Decipeda

3rd Place:  “Rainbow Within Reach” 

by Vivian Moghekar

Middle School

1st Place:  “Our Broken Planet” by Laura Wei

2nd Place: “What’s to Come” by Kaitlin Alarafi

3rd Place: 

High School

1st Place:  “My Future is in My Hands” 

by Cherissa Lindsay

2nd Place: “Reaching for the Sun” by Kaya Wightman

3rd Place:  “Goal on Top” by Cherissa Lindsay


2017 Reflections Display & Awards

OCT 16–20 • Collection Week
OCT 20 • Entry Deadline by 12pm
NOV 14 • Display & Awards Ceremony, 6:30pm at OHS

Category rules

Reflections Chairs 2017-2018

Laura Loebl
Andrea Rubin
Robin Ritz
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