Resident Educator Program

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Resident Educator Program

Resident Educator Program Overview

The Orange School District Resident Educator Program is proud of the support and resources we provide to our newly certified educators in their first four years of educational practice. We utilize the Taskstream Learning Management System to share program requirements and expectations with our Resident Educators in Years 1 and 2 of Residency. Taskstream is also a great platform to assist our Resident Educators with maintaining a high-quality electronic portfolio to document evidence and work throughout their four years in the program.  It may be used in the development of lessons, rubrics and to develop courses and "Units of Study" (Instructional Cycles) as well.

Professional Development

Our Resident Educators are provided with professional development sessions related to topics of interest including: Review of program expectations, Developing and sharing systems of documentation and collection of evidence, Facilitating collaborative conversations and sharing exemplars (both from REs and experienced Mentors and other teachers in the District). In addition, we provide additional Half-Day and Full-Day Professional Development Sessions for Resident Educators based on their Program Year Requirements, District Initiatives and Areas of Interest. During the 2016-17 Academic Year, Professional Development will largely focus on District Initiatives, Building Level Professional Development, Use of Technology and opportunities to advance growth within the Resident Educators' Content areas, as applicable. 


Technology Integration and Support

We have also been proud to involve our building Technology Integration Specialists, Media Specialists and Instructional Coaches, in collaboration with our Program Coordinator, Mentors and Facilitators in the process through assistance with videotaping Resident Educators’ lessons as well as technical support and problem solving in order to improve their reflective teaching practices. These team members have also worked to create a library of “exemplar” videos and resources featuring both Resident Educators and the work of more experienced teachers within the district to help bring the principles and practices of this program to life more authentically.  

Additional Information and Resources

We remain in continual contact with The Ohio Department of Education and provide our Resident Educators with updates and resources related to The Resident Educator Program on a regular basis.  Please visit the ODE Resident Educator Home Page for the most up to date information on the Resident Educator Program. For additional resources about implementation of the Resident Educator Program in the Orange City School District, please feel free to contact Maureen Tarulli at [email protected].  
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