Special Education Remote FAQ

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Special Education Remote FAQ

My student’s IEP, ETR and/or 504 plan is due during the time covered by the initial re-start plan...

My student’s IEP, ETR and/or 504 plan is due during the time covered by the initial re-start plan. What is the plan for IEP, ETR and IEP meetings?

Intervention Specialists will continue to convene IEP meetings with all necessary members - parents, district representatives, and school team members. Parents will be offered their preference of attendance via Google Hangouts or by phone conference. Intervention Specialists will email draft copies of the IEP to parents electronically and the prior written notice will document meeting participants and any relevant discussion during the meeting.

My student’s ETR/504 assessment needs to be completed. How will this be completed?

To the extent possible and appropriate, evaluations will be completed virtually. When unable to assess virtually, an appointment will be made for in-person evaluation. The district may either transport these students or the parents may elect to transport their students to the district for the ETR/504 evaluation session(s).

What can I expect from my Intervention Specialist/Case Manager or Related Service Provider...

What can I expect from my Intervention Specialist/Case Manager or Related Service Provider who manages my child’s 504 plan or IEP?

Based on students’ needs, parents can expect the following services:

  • Maximize the time during individualized or small group Google Meets to provide Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) as designated in IEP’s.
  • Special education staff will collaborate with general education staff to plan and provide Specially Designed Instruction using a combination of co-taught and small group meetings. These remote sessions with the special education staff and their general education partners will reinforce skills, provide inclusion opportunities as appropriate, and individualized or small group student meetings for the purpose of addressing IEP goals and objectives.
  • Each student will be assigned a case manager to check in on them to ensure they are remaining on track, the pace of work is manageable, and organization and executive functioning skills in the remote environment are developed and supported. These skills may also be reinforced by a paraprofessional when appropriate.
  • Parent consultation and training as needed will be provided by the special education staff member.
  • Accommodations and/or modifications (as appropriate) to general education curriculum to facilitate access to learning.

Please encourage your student to check their Google classroom(s) and email on a daily basis, as well as self-advocate by reaching out to their Interventionist whenever support is needed.

How will my student’s skills be assessed upon the reopening of school in the Fall?

Special education personnel expect to be focused on determining level of skill maintenance and any skill regression during the school closure. Staff have been collecting progress data while students were in attendance in programming last year (both virtual and in person). Staff will:

  • Focus on comparing where students' skills are upon return compared to when they left.
  • Develop strategies and interventions to build skills that may have regressed.
  • Closely monitor progress to determine if service intensity is appropriate.

We are eager and excited to meet your student and to build close relationships with your family despite the fact that we are in a remote environment. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. 




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