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Superintendent, Dr. Joffrey Jones

Letter to Parents Regarding Safety on April 20th 
Dear Orange Schools Parents and Caregivers,

Administrators have informed me that some of our students are planning to stage a walk-out on April 20 in remembrance of the victims of the attack on Columbine High School. While extremely horrific, this tragedy lacks the currency that still lingers over Parkland, Florida. Students across this country have already walked out protesting school violence on the one-month anniversary of the shootings in Parkland. School leaders supported that movement, but supporting multiple walk-outs runs contrary to the goals of the school district.

For these reasons, we will be explaining to students that unlike the public  protests against gun violence staged last month, students who walk out of school on April 20 will face disciplinary action for truancy from school. If principals wish to direct the energies of their students toward taking action in another way, such as writing letters to their congressman about school violence, making posters to express their stand against owning assault rifles, or writing reflections to share with others, we will look at that as positive learning experiences.

Please contact your building principals for their direction in this matter.


Dr. Joffrey Jones
Orange Schools

Importance of a Safe Learning Environment

Dear Orange Schools Family,

Our hearts go out to all who are impacted by the tragic events in Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. With each violent incident we are reminded, whether in a school environment or as a community, of the important role we all play as a source of prevention to tragic and senseless acts of this nature... read more

Introducing Dr. Joffrey Jones, Interim Superintendent


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Dr. Joffrey Jones joins the Orange City School District as the interim Superintendent of Schools while the superintendent search continues. Dr. Joffrey Jones

Superintendent Search Update:

Please visit these links for information on the superintendent search & application process.

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