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Moreland Hills Elementary

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PTA Contacts & Communication


Stay informed about PTA events, programs and fundraisers through our website, our monthly e-newsletter and our meeting minutes.  Or contact any of the PTA Executive Board members (see contact information below) if you have questions or input.

PTA's monthly e-newsletter called PTA Happenings is distributed by email and is also available to be viewed on this website.  If you are not already receiving PTA Happenings by email and would like to, please send your email address to OEPTA to be added to the email distribution.  If you would like to view PTA Happenings now, click here.

In addition, minutes from the monthly PTA Meetings are also available on this website.  Click here for a pdf file of the minutes.  For a copy of Orange Elementary PTA's mission statement and by-laws, please contact the PTA President.

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PTA Executive Board 

President Tracy Russo 216.595.3181
BMS Representative Wendy Blaszak 216.288.3605
MHS Representative Megan Tzefronis 216.378.0787
Inclusive Preschool Rep Megan Jolic 440.248.9796
VP Programming Laura Sullivan 216.342.4330
VP Fundraising Lisa Zucker 440.248.9796
VP Fundraising Lisa Friedman 216.543.4000
Treasurer Tracy Leikin 216.292.0053
Membership & Develop. Wendy Blaszak 216.288.3605
Membership & Develop. Fanette Yelsky 216.464.9185
Membership & Develop. Maggie Wolf 216.378.1789
Communications Secy. Melissa Markowitz 216.342.4303
Web Administrator Chip Steiner 216.464.7376
Health/Safety Rep Wendy Spitz 216.464.2662
Health/Safety Rep Lisa Goodman 216.595.3662
Health/Safety Rep Meredith Glazer 216.831.3328
Advisory Rep Melanie Weltman 216.378.6989

PTA Executive Committee Chairpersons

Educational Grants Leta Hickey 440.423.0437
Educational Grants Julie Suh 216.464.9984
BMS Book Sale Marci Moses 440.498.8180
BMS Book Sale Debbie Rosenthal 440.248.7448
MHS Book Sale Amy Bilsky 216.831.3644
MHS Book Sale Adina Wolf 216.464.2662
MHS Book Sale Jenny Walinsky 216.456.2402
Reflections Program Kim Stewart 440.337.4350
Reflections Program Paul Stark 440.498.4040
Spirit Wear Julie Pilloff 216.765.0043
Spirit Wear Julie Kemelhar 440.683.4591
Volunteer Recognition Erin Dweik 216.378.0188
Halloween Candy Donations Nancy Glick 440.349.0703
New Family Program Anna Boardman 216.342.4493
New Family Program Jenny Walinsky 216.456.2402
Market Day Lori Spencer 216.595.5115
Market Day Wendy Perry 216.337.7973
Community Art Fair Melinda Bilfield 440.519.8885
Curriculum Advisory Robert Leb 216.831.2509
Curriculum Advisory Janine Martyn 440.349.3920
PTA Scholarship Cynthia Chylik 440.318.1501
PTA Scholarship Connie Simonson 216.896.9799

Moreland Hills School Reps

Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Friedman 216.464.8747
Grade Coordinators    
  Kindergarten Amy Bilsky 216.831.3644
  Grade 1 Laura Kochis 440.247.3004
  Grade 2 Jodie Lurie 216.464.2002
  Grade 3 Jenniee Kozak 216.570.5531
  Grade 4 Jennifer Stearns 610.389.6915
  Grade 5 Kristen Nugent 901.800.8025
Book Swap Shelly Spies 216.378.9778
Book Swap Jenny Walinsky 216.456.2402
Box Tops Alla Carran 440.449.9191
Box Tops Leslie Brown 440.248.6562
MHS Food Drive Mary Balding 216.342.4505
MHS Food Drive Candice Glover 504.669.8970
Pastries w/ Parents Heidi Page 216.245.0217
Pastries w/ Parents Meredith Glazer 216.831.3328
Hospitality Heather Landskroner 440.519.0133
Hospitality Alicia Munn 440.473.9727
Ice Cream Social Jamie Hersch 440.498.1961
Ice Cream Social Michelle Silverstein 216.896.9911
Ice Cream Social Wendy Perry 216.337.7973
Library Birthday Books Whitney Weisenberg 440.542.0273
Library Birthday Books Hallie Abramson 440.498.1916
Library Volunteer Coor. Jodi Lurie 216.464.2002
Library Volunteer Coor. Julie Kemelhar


Mittens/Toiletry Collection Lissy Rand  216.292.6161 
Mittens/Toiletry Collection Melissa Korland 216.464.4177
Staff Appreciation Julie Bloom  216.464.0288
Staff Appreciation Lisa Friedman  216.464.8747
Unity Day Rob Fellenger  216.292.0220
Unity Day Stefanie Russo 216.595.1731
Read to Me Coordinator Jill Katz 216.496.6624

Brady Middle School Reps 

Volunteer Coordinator Alla Carran 440.449.9191
Grade 6 Representative Meredith Goldstein 216.292.9226
Grade 6 Representative Lori Miller 216.378.2816
Grade 6 Representative Melissa Sanders 440.542.1072
Grade 7 Representative Maria Restrepo Hamilton 216.514.7006
Grade 7 Representative Therese Shuffer 216.765.1979
Grade 7 Representative Maggie Wolf 216.378.1789
Grade 8 Representative Dave Dickenson 216.375.0602
Grade 8 Representative Patsy Schauer 440.893.0131
Grade 8 Representative Amy Stover 216.831.9294
Science Fair Caroline Smith 216.292.4945
Brady Bash Melinda Bilfield 440.519.8885
Brady Bash Leslie Munsell 216.464.9060
Bardy Bash Wendy Perry 216.337.7973
BMS Food Drive Laura Kochis 440.247.3004
Hospitality Sheila Margolis 440.446.1686
Hospitality Heather Evans 440.498.9746
Staff Appreciation Barb Daly 216.896.0065
Staff Appreciation Mikaela Bolek 440.247.6963
Staff Appreciation Andrea Hill 216.831.3353
Staff Appreciation Marcia Hales 216.255.2922
Great Race Eileen McCully 216.765.8129
Great Race Lori Miller 216.378.2816
Play Coordinator Hilarie DeWolf 216.831.1885
Play Coordinator Jodi Marchewitz 216.292.5588

Orange Schools
32000 Chagrin Blvd
Pepper Pike, OH 44124
PHONE: 216.831.8600
FAX: 216.831.8029