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BMS Students Dance Their Way Into 21st Century Learning

January 18, 2013

Brady Middle School eighth graders danced their way into 21st Century Learning this week as they performed for parents, faculty and the community in a "Dancing Classrooms" culmination ceremony.

Dancing Classrooms, now in its fourth year at Brady Middle School, began as an initiative that grew out of a study focusing on brain activity and growth. The “Brain Academy” facilitated by Orange teachers led the staff to explore ways to promote brain activity through nutrition, socialization, mental stimulation, spirituality and physical activity. Dancing Classrooms was a natural transition, as research has shown that learning the new and complex patterns of ballroom dancing promotes increased brain growth. Administrators believe that educating the whole child, including exposure to the arts, will enhance opportunities for student success in the 21st Century.

"Dancing Classrooms is a required part of the curriculum, and really and truly the last thing we are worried about is the dance," Executive Director Jo Jo Graham told the gathered audience.  "You will see some excellent dancing here, elegant moves.  But first and foremost we are concerned with how the students are interacting with one another, the teamwork, and the respect they are showing each other as well as themselves."

Half of the eighth graders participated this semester; the other half performed in November.  Students involved in the program will have the opportunity to perform at a Cleveland Cavaliers home game on Wednesday, February 13th.  Information will be sent home about this event.

“Dancing Classrooms has been very well received by students, staff, and parents, as well as the guests who come to the culminating event," said Principal Brian Frank.  "In nine weeks and 20 lessons (including the culmination performance), students are provided with a challenge to engage their bodies and their minds in different ways.  In addition to learning various dances such as the Fox Trot and the Waltz, they also gain respect for other cultures, themselves and each other.”

To view the slideshow from the January 17th performance, please click on this photo:


To view the slideshow from the November 1st performance, please click on the photo below:

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