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Greetings from the Guidance Department!

Greetings from the guidance department!


Scheduling for the 2011-2012 school year is underway!  You should have received a mailing from Brady with information about course selections for your child.  The forms were due in to your child’s pride leader Friday, March 18. 

 Once all information regarding scheduling has been received and entered, we plan to send a course verification form that lists all the required and recommended courses your child will take next school year.  Please look for the form after spring break. 

 As parents and partners in your child’s education, your input is important to us.  To facilitate this, we will be available to meet with parents regarding scheduling and placement following spring break.  Information shared during these meetings will be used to help make decisions regarding placement. 

 Please contact Mr. Scott Kellogg (ext. 3624 or or Mrs. Cindy Massey (ext. 3623 or, guidance counselors, with any questions you may have regarding the scheduling process.

 Quote of the Month

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”  ~Doug Larson

Upcoming Activities

March 18th - Course selection forms were due for our current 6th and 7th grade students.  Please return them to the Brady office if you have not done so already.  Meeting the scheduling deadline enables us to better ensure favorable class sizes in the fall.

 March 25th - This marks the end of the third quarter.  Report cards will be mailed home on April 8t.h. .  To stay current with your child’s academic progress throughout the year it is important to access ProgressBook frequently.

 To log onto ProgressBook go to, click on ProgressBook in the left hand column, and then scroll down to the Orange City Schools.

 If you need assistance with you user name or password, please fill out the ProgressBook parent Information request form which can be found on the Orange website as well.  Go to the “For Parents” tab on the top of the Orange home page, scroll down to the “District Forms”, look for Brady Middle School and click on “ProgressBook Parent Information Request Form”.  You can fill the form out and turn it in to Mrs. Carter in the office.

 April 6th – The 8th grade parent meeting for the Washington, DC trip will be held at 7:00pm in the Large Group Instruction Room at Brady Middle School.


 Mr. Scott Kellogg                                                                    Mrs. Cindy Massey   

(216) 831-8600 X3624                                                           (216) 831-8600 X3623                                            




The Red Cross Blood Drive

The Brady Chapter of the NJHS hosted the Red Cross Blood Drive last Friday, March 4th after school.  Our goal was to collect 24 pints of blood.  We not only met that goal, but exceeded it by 60% by collecting nearly 38 pints!  Many thanks went to the NJHS members that gave up there Friday evening to help run this incredibly successful drive.

Since we smashed our collection goal, we will be featured in a full-page ad in USA Today recognizing the most successful drives across America. Students who registered an adult to donate had their names put into a drawing for a free ticket to the Cavs/Nets game on Wednesday, March 23rd.  The lucky winners were:  Conor Chance, Max Davis, Jake Kemelhar;Austin Lubell;Ben Sack, Drew Schlachter, Jenny Sieger, Max Simon, Jordan Wade, and Ben Weltman.  Congratulations and thank you to all of you who helped us reach our goal!

Greater Cleveland Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Contest

On Saturday, March 5, the Greater Cleveland Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Contest was held at Wiley Middle School in University Heights.  A total of 101 students from Brady's 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands participated in 64 different musical events.  These students were adjudicated during their various solo and ensemble performances.  Of the 14 students who performed solos, 11 received the highest rating possible for the contest, with 3 receiving second highest ratings.  Of the 50 ensemble events, 39 were rated at the highest level, with 9 of the remaining ensembles being rated at the second highest level.

All of our students did a wonderful job preparing for this event and should be commended for their hard work and dedication to this yearly event.  Students will receive the appropriate award medal at our awards assemblies in the spring.  Below are the names of the students who participated:

Name Grade Event Rating  - 6th Grade
 Goldfarb, Rebecca 6 Clarinet Solo I  
 Owens, J J 6 Clarinet Solo I  
 Swift, Andrew 6 Clarinet Solo I  
 Young, Laura 6 Clarinet Solo II  
 Buchanan, Nick 6 Alto Sax Solo I  
 Allison, Drew 6 Trumpet Solo I  
 Litt, Michael 6 Trumpet Solo I  
 Patel, Vrunda & On, Aretha 6 Flute Duet II  
 Ursetti, Paige & Leb, Jillian 6 Oboe Duet I  
 Posner, Jamie & Blum, Rachel & Healey, Elizabeth 6 Oboe Trio I  
 Young, Laura & Davis, Quinn 6 Clarinet Duet I  
 Kochis, Ryan & Basharat, Hamza 6 Clarinet Duet I  
 Owens, J J & Nakamoto, Alissa 6 Clarinet Duet I  
 Kochis, Ryan & Beard, Robert 6 Clarinet Duet I  
 Swift, Andrew & Goldfarb, Rebecca 6 Clarinet Duet I  
 Ma, Tyler 6 Clarinet Duet No Rating-Comments Only  
 Kish, Steven & Stark, Jeremy 6 Alto Sax Duet I  
 Blake, Carney & Nakamoto, Alissa & Owens, JJ 6 Clarinet Trio I  
 Roth, Spencer & Golovan, Jacob 6 Trumpet Duet I  
 Litt, Michael & Lubell, Austin & Allison, Drew 6 Trumpet Trio I  
 Marriott, Emilio & Rashidi, Keyvon & Spencer, Nathan 6 Trumpet Trio I  
 Weltman, Dana & Weltman, Allison & Goodman, Kyle 6 Trumpet Trio I  
 White, Darrian & Chirokov, Alex 6 Tpt/Bar Duet I  
 Oliva, Jay & Stephenson, Quinn 6 Tbn/Bar Duet I  
Name Grade Event Rating – 7th Grade  
 Stankovic, Emily 7 Clarinet Solo I  
 Nelson, Tyler 7 Alto Sax Solo I  
 Ellert, Ben 7 Tenor Sax Solo I  
 Antrobus, Taryn & Moss, Stella 7 Flute Duet I  
 Shawi, Leah & Milstein, Samantha 7 Flute Duet I  
 Berk, Michael & Rainey, Stone 7 Flute/Clar Duet III  
 Ruggieri, Mary & Kowit, Emily 7 Clarinet Duet I  
 Stankovic, Emily & Vitali, Kayla 7 Clarinet Duet I  
 Harris, Jasmine & Frohlich, Julia 7 Clar/A Sax Duet I  
 Passov, Jakob & Lester, Truman 7 Bass Cl/A Sax Duet I  
 Pittmon, Milan & Lester, Truman 7 Alto Sax Duet I  
 Macauda, Alex & Nelson, Tyler 7 A Sax/Tpt Duet I  
 Ellert, Ben & Tamjidi, Cameron 7 Ten/Bari Sax Duet I  
 Garcia, Maria & Deutsch, Alyssa & Robbins, Michaela 7 Flute Trio II  
 Passov, Jakob & Ruggieri, Mary & Shanklin, Emily 7 Clarinet Trio I  
 Jordan, Elizabeth & Helfrich, Jane & Dawson-Glass, Emma 7 Flute/Clar Trio I  
 Nelson, Tyler & Stewart-Bates, Charlie & Ellert, Ben & Tamjidi, Cameron 7 Sax Quartet I  
 Bonner, Kaitlyn & Ivy, Kaitlin 7 Trumpet Duet II  
 Sabanegh, Ned & Salkin, Jeremy 7 Tpt/Tbn Duet I  
 Macauda, Alex & Singer, Ryan & Hunyadi, Chase 7 Trumpet Trio I  
 Weider, Simon & Taylor, Patrick & Lebowitz, Max 7 Trumpet Trio I  
 Krantz, Tara & Lester, Allison & Litwak, Emma 7 Tbn/Bari Trio I  
Name Grade Event Rating  - 8th Grade 
 Schlachter, Drew 8 Flute Solo II  
 Steiner, Sean 8 Clarinet Solo I  
 Mauer, Austin 8 Alto Sax Solo II  
 Baker, Nicole 8 Piano Solo I  
 Schlachter, Drew & Goulder, Sarah 8 Flute Duet I  
 Steiner, Sean & Nash, Ryan 8 Clarinet Duet II  
 Blum, Gabe & Abraksia, Nick 8 Clarinet Duet I  
 Heiss, Jacob & Steiner, Sean 8 Clar/Bass Cl Duet I  
 Ponsky, Ilan & Weltman, Ben 8 Clar/A Sax Duet I  
 Kemelhar, Jake & Chance, Conor & Margolis, Brian & Sack, Ben 8 Sax Quartet I  
 Goulder, Hannah & Jordan, Allison 8 Trumpet Duet II  
 Zaverdinos, Talia & McCormick, Katie 8 Mello/Tbn Duet I  
 Von Hendrix, Chris & Russell, Greg 8 Bar/Tuba Duet I  
 Kashyap, Tejas & Levy, Andrew & Margolis, Brian 8 Tpt/T Sax Trio II  
 Ursetti, Logan & Dweik, Zayn 8 Snare Duet I  

Teacher Feature - Ms. Jackie Thorman

Each month we do an article on a staff member at Brady.  This month we are featuring Ms. Jackie Thorman, Occupational Therapist.

Q:  What was your childhood ambition?

A:  I remember wanting to be an astronaut.  That was before I realized how much math   and science that you needed to know!

Q:  What is your fondest memory?

A:  I remember my Mom packing oranges for my lunch—she would cut a hole in the top, put a little sugar in, squeeze it then put the plug back in the hole.  It was such a small thing, but so loving.

Q:  What is your favorite song?

A:  It changes.  The music I’m listening to most right now is KT Tunstall and Ben Harper.

Q:  What time is your alarm set for?

A:  5:00 am 

Q:  What is your favorite place?

A:  New Mexico.  It will always be home for me.

Q:  What is your favorite food?

A:  Green and Red Chile.

Q:  What has been your biggest challenge?

A:   That’s a hard one!  One of the most challenging things I’ve ever done was to move to Cleveland for a job when I didn’t know a single person and had never been here.

Q:  What is a perfect day? 

A:  Being able to sleep in until 6:30 or 7:00; having breakfast with my daughters; spending time outside in nature like hiking, taking a bike ride); taking a nap; making dinner on the grill with friends and ending the day with the kids hanging out together and relaxing with friends.

Q:  What is your favorite book?

A:  I can’t really answer that one because there are too many books I love, each for a different reason.

Q:  What is your favorite color?

A:  Green (sage green)

Q:  What is your favorite movie?

A:  Wim Wender’s “Wings of Desire” and “Faraway, so Close.” (I know that’s two).

Q:  What is your proudest moment?

A:  Probably graduating for OT school.

Q:  Who is you inspiration?

A:  My Mom.  She raised three kids by herself and was never afraid to admit her mistakes, but always let us know we were (and are) loved absolutely.

Upcoming Events

March 28-April 1

Spring Break – No School

April 1

End of Third Grading Period

April 4

School Resumes

April 6

Washington DC Parent Meeting, 7:00 PM-LGI

April 8

Report Cards Issued

April 13

Elementary PTA/Brady Middle School/Moreland Hills School Parent-Principal Dialogue – 7:00 PM – MHS Cafeteria

April 20

PTA Advisory Council – 8:30 AM - OCR

April 22

Good Friday – No School

April 28

Grades 6-8 Ohio Achievement Assessment in Reading

May 2 – 6

Staff Appreciation Week

May 3

Grades 6-8 Ohio Achievement Assessment in Math

May 5

Grade 8 Ohio Achievement Assessment in Science

May 6

Midpoint of Quarter 4 – Check ProgressBook for interim report

May 6

Lost and Found Items to be donated to Charity – Please click on the link below to see list of items that have been “found” but not claimed

Brady Lost and Found Items

March 28, 2011


April 4, 2011


April 11, 2011

BOE Meeting

April 12, 2011

After Prom Committee Meeting

April 14, 2011

OHS: Spring Band/Orchestra Concert

April 18, 2011

Passover begins at sundown

April 22, 2011

Good Friday - NO SCHOOL

April 24, 2011


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