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Intersession Photos and a Spring Break to Enjoy!


First, sixth, and seventh graders spent time this week challenging themselves to think outside the box in various intersessions offered to them.

First graders participated in Games of Strategy Day which began with a Mancala tournament in each classroom and ended with a grade-wide competition. Congratulations to Austin Thomas who won in the final round! Students also participated in other 'strategic games' including Batik, Katamino, Connect 4, Make 7, Domino Knockdown, Bendomino, Blokus, Puzzles and Sudoku. Along with interacting positively and socially with peers from other classes, the first graders also practiced good sportsmanship as they encouraged each other to do their best, helped those who needed more explanations, congratulated those who won, and accepted the final results with grace.

The sixth graders travelled to Egypt without ever leaving the school walls! Students created Egyptian masks, Canopic jars, time-travelled 20-thousand years into the future to "look back" on the year 2014, and studied ancient Egypt. Students also had the opportunity to engage in various computer games that focused on Egyptian history.

Seventh graders completed a two-day intersession which included a wide range of activities that the students could choose from, all which centered on the theme "Be The Change". Activities included making baby blankets for the NICU at Hillcrest Hospital, creating a website for students new to Brady, spending time with new friends at the Senior Center, cleaning up the campus and parks areas, designing bird-feeders, writing books "from the heart" focusing on elementary school students that they will present to them, reading and assisting at the Orange Inclusive Preschool, working with students in Carla Nazelli's classroom at the high school, and assisting at a homeless shelter, among others.

All in all, students were challenged, engaged, and learned something new all while enjoying the experience of something different!

Check out all of the photos from this week's intersession on our Orange City School District Facebook page by clicking here!


We wish all of our students, staff, and families a safe, relaxing, wonderful spring break! Classes resume for all students on Tuesday, April 1st!

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