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Engaged OHS Students Immersed in Intersessions
Engaged OHS Students Immersed in Intersessions

If your student rushes home to tell you that she discussed the future of Cleveland with Mayor Jackson...or if he seems much more relaxed than ever before with a request for tea with breakfast in the future, know that this is all part of your student's educational experience at Orange!

As part of the two-day intersessions, students had the opportunity to choose from and explore a wide range of topics...from creating sustainable farming to studying the history of the Titanic...from football 101 to iOS App Development....from working with Habitat for Humanity to exploring Space: the Final Frontier ....these were all part of thinking outside the Orange Box....which actually was another option!

The Orange High School Intersession Program was designed to promote innovative learning outside the traditional classroom setting in order to provide opportunities that will enhance student engagement and 21st Century learning skills while still promoting the mastery of rigorous content knowledge. Projects ranged from mixed media book sculpture to nucleonics...and pretty much everything else in between!

For more information and additional photos, follow the two-day intersessions as they progress on Twitter @OHSIntersession or For all of the photos, please like us on Facebook and check out the photo album from day one here or day two here !!!