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Parents: Submit Beginning of Year & Athletic Forms Via the Parent Portal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As most of you know, the Orange City School District is using an online Parent Portal system that will allow you to verify the directory information we have on file for your child(ren), make changes if necessary, and submit beginning of the year forms electronically (Emergency Medical Authorization, Internet usage, photo permission, athletics, etc…). This electronic submission takes the place of the paper forms.

Your child’s information along with the district and athletic forms are ready now. When the start of the school year gets closer, information on food service and transportation will be added.

For families who already have a Parent Portal account, please login at This link can also be found in the lower right corner of the district website homepage.

For families new to the Parent Portal, please create an account by:
• Visiting
• Create your parent account by clicking on the “Sign Me Up - Click Here” link on the right-hand-side of the login page.
• Follow the instructions in the Parent Portal to complete set up of your account. You will need your child’s student ID number.***

Once you have logged into your account:
1. You will find a link in the center column of your dashboard (main page) under the heading, “2015 Back to School Forms”. Select the “Emergency Contact/Medical Authorization & Parent Consent Forms” link. This will take you to the online forms.

2. Check the Student Information, Residential Parent/Guardian Information and Emergency Contact Information listed for each child. Make any changes necessary to the information listed.

3. Accept or decline emergency treatment, give contact information for doctors, and list any medical information necessary.

4. Select “yes” or “no” for the listed items, which vary by school.

5. A digital signature must be given for parents and students before submitting the form. Please type the parent and student names here.

6. If you are not ready to submit the form, you may save it and return later to complete it.

7. When finished, submit the form.

You may also find a link in the center column of your dashboard (main page) under the heading “2015-2016 Athletics Form”. Select the link below that heading to access athletic forms.

All students participating in interscholastic sports (all school sanctioned sports grades 7-12) must complete all required medical and acknowledgement paperwork before participation begins. Athletes that fail to complete all required paperwork WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE in practices, scrimmages and/or games until this has been completed.

For all student athletes in grades 7-12, it is very important that the athletic forms be submitted prior to the first day of official practice. If you have any questions after reviewing the forms, please contact the Orange Athletic Department at 216-831-1862.

Your middle or high school child’s student identification number can be found in the upper right corner of his or her ProgressBook account. Your elementary school child's student ID number is 987 + his/her 6-digit lunch ID number. If you cannot locate your child’s identification number, please e-mail us here and we will send it to you.

Thank you for your participation in the parent portal.


Lou DeVincentis
Communication Coordinator
Orange Schools

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