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BMS Students Excel at Annual Science Fair!


December 4, 2014

The students of Brady Middle School once again amazed the judges at the annual Science Fair coordinated by Gifted Intervention Specialist Jen McGeown.  

Nearly 90 students created an array of projects ranging from plant growth to the physics of golf balls in flight.  Top honors went to eighth grader Carly Stark who tested the effect of fabric softener on the flammability of fabrics.  First place in seventh grade went to Rosalind Sanders for her study of pianists and typing while first place honors in sixth grade went to AJ Chardiet and Ryan J. Vincent for the effect of music on plants.  A list of all of the award recipients is below.

In addition to the awards they received Thursday night, Stark, Sanders and eighth graders Emma Briskin, Emily Ciuprinskas, Maggie Lang, Ally Marchewitz, Avery Krasnow, Sophie Newman, and Dayna Rapkin were personally selected by Dr. Brian Davis, Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Akron to enter their projects into the 2015 BEST Medicine Engineering Fair for their outstanding performance at Brady.   That contest will be held in March and offers cash prizes of up to $1000.  


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Congratulations to ALL of our student scientists!


2014 Science Fair Awards:

Eighth Grade

1st place:  Carly Stark (fabric softener & flammability)

2nd place: Anna Brateanu & Olivia McCarren (placebo effect)

3rd place:  Morgan Davies, Samantha Richards, Hannah Shuffer, & Samantha Wittenberg (brain processing of letter placement)

Honorable mentions:  Emma Briskin, Emily Ciuprinskas, Maggie Lang, & Ally Marchewitz (music & memory) and Sarah Litwak, Nora Steiner, & Nicolle Yankelevich (voice positivity on plants)

Seventh grade:

1st place:  Rosalind Sanders (pianists & typing)

Honorable mentions: Rachel Pomeranets & Lauren Rosenblatt (effects of freezing materials) and Sylvia Stewart-Bates (saliva in animals)

Sixth grade:

1st place:  AJ Chardiet & Ryan J. Vincent (music and plant growth)

Honorable mentions:  Ben Boardman & Orly Wolf (water temperature on grass) and Gennaro Garofol & Eric Richardson (disruption of magnets)


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