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BMS Student Scientists Fare Well at Annual Science Fair


Congratulations to all of the Brady Middle School students who participated in the Annual Science Fair!

First place trophies were awarded to eighth graders Katie Brateanu and Rachel Pomeranets (pictured above) for their study of Lipase and Bile Breakdown and to Sophie Suh (pictured below) for her Study of Insulation Materials.

Sylvia Stewart-Bates took home a second place win for her study of Music and Pulse rate.

And third place went to a team of seventh graders, AJ Chardiet and Beckham Watson, for their study of Hydraulic Generators.

Projects ranged from the impact of soda on teeth to the warmth of sock material. Judges included professional scientists from around Ohio including Materials Science Engineer Dave Brown, NASA Engineer David Ellis, retired Materials Science Engineer John Harkness, Metallurgist Bill Loewenthal, Retired Metallurgist Stan Vishnevsky, and retired NASA Engineer Tom Glasgow. Students' projects were evaluated in multiple areas including depth of study and presentation.

Congratulations to all who submitted such top notch projects this year!
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