Video Conferencing

Beginning in 2005 Orange began the task of updating all of its interactive video distance learning equipment to IP based protocols. This meant converting older equipment to IP service as well as purchasing new Polycom IP-based units. Moreland Hills Elementary School was the first recipient of this new technology. Students are now able to participate in a video conference from the comfort of their very own classroom.

Thanks to the generous support of the Orange Elementary PTA, Brady Middle School was upgraded to IP-based video conferencing technology in 2007. The large group instruction room has been converted into a multi-media, high tech, IP-based video conferencing center. Teachers, students, and staff continue to have access to the latest technologies.

Due to the 2006 renovation of Orange High School's media center, a multi-media, distance learning lab was constructed.  In 2008 the video conferencing equipment in this lab was converted from an IP-based, V-tel Galaxy unit to an IP-based Polycom unit.  

Students continue to participate in a multitude of wonderful programming offered from such content providers as The Baseball Hall of Fame (diversity), WVIZ (Career Exploration Series and Guest Speaker Series), COSI Columbus (live knee replacement surgery), to classroom collaborations with various school districts around the state, the country, and the world!  Professional staff continue to utilize video distance learning to further their professional development in the area of new technologies, data driven decision making, and subject area mastery.

Equipment Scheduling a Conference

Polycom VSX 7000 -
Video Conferencing System

All three schools are equipped with the Polycom VSX 7000 video conferencing technology.  Check out the 'Opportunities' link to find a conference that meets your curricular needs.  To schedule a video conference, select the 'Scheduling Form' link or contact Jennette Kane at ext. 2238. 





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