Gifted Program

 Many opportunities are available for students in kindergarten through 12th grade to nurture exceptional abilities.  Gifted Intervention Specialists work in all classrooms and provide small group support for our students.

Elementary: Gifted resource teachers at the elementary school work directly with classroom teachers and students to design opportunities to meet the needs of students with accelerated abilities. Experiences are provided both within the classroom and in small groups outside the classroom.  Additional information regarding program options at the elementary level are available at the link below entitled District Policy for Identification of and Services for Students who are Gifted.

Middle School: Accelerated programs in math and English begin at the middle school. Students identified in the areas of Superior Cognitive and/or Creative Thinking Ability and/or science can participate in gifted course options at each grade level.

High School: Honors and Advanced Placement level classes are available. The Gifted Intervention Specialist collaborates with students, staff and parents to provide additional opportunities including mentorships and courses outside the campus as possible options to serve the needs of individual students.

Please note:  In compliance with the Ohio Operating Standards, we offer assessment opportunities two times per school year.  Referrals received by June 15 will be included in the fall testing period; referrals received by December 20 will be included in the winter testing period.


The referral deadline for the


2014-2015 school year is


August 29, 2014.





Valuable Gifted Links

District Policy for Identification of and Services for Students Who Are Gifted

Referral Form for Gifted Identification

Things My Child Likes To Do

Ohio Association for Gifted Children

National Association for Gifted Children

OPEGS:  Orange Parents and Educators for Gifted Students OAGC affiliate




For further information, please contact one of our faculty members listed here.

Beth Wilson-Fish - Coordinator of Gifted Services for Kindergarten through 12th grade or telephone ext. 4019

Jean Metzger - Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 1 and 4 or telephone ext. 4028 

Vishala Raj- Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 2 and 3 or telephone ext. 4027

Maggie Gobetz - Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades Kdg and 5 or telephone ext. 4117 

Jen McGeown - Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 6-8 or telephone ext. 3410

Kathy Frazier- Gifted Intervention Teacher, Grades 9-12 or telephone ext. 2127  Web Site

THE FOOD WAR: Nurturing a Healthy Relationship with Food

7 p.m., Thursday, January 27, 2011

at Hillcrest Hospital


The program features the play EAT (It’s Not About Food) which includes interwoven vignettes, ranging from realistic to satirical to humorous, and tells individual stories of teens and adults and their eating habits.

EAT explores many different aspects of our relationship to food – media messages, healthy eating, the cultural and peer aspects that effect our youth and their body image - and one woman’s struggle to overcome her eating disorder.

The Panel Discussion, which features 3 distinguished doctors, follows the play.

You could win an IPAD at the Parent Expo, which starts at 6:30.

Free and Open to Parents & Teens!

Join us for this program!

For more information and to register, please visit:

Orange Schools
32000 Chagrin Blvd
Pepper Pike, OH 44124
PHONE: 216.831.8600
FAX: 216.831.8029