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There are many ways to get eBooks! The world of eBook publishing is quickly growing. Many eBooks lending/purchasing options exist. We hope this page will help you get started.

OverDrive help documents and links to get you started:

More ebooks from your K-12 libraries:

eReader Software

eBooks File Types

eBooks can be read on most computers, iPads, eReaders, and handheld devices that support a reader application. It is important to download the correct file type for your device. The following is a list of file type options and the various software/apps that may need to be downloaded/installed for your device:

  • HTML – these files can be read immediately on your computer or device in a web browser (i.e.: Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). Just click and the eBook will open. This format is good if you want to skim through an eBook, but if you’re going to read cover to cover, a different format would be preferable.
  • EPUB – these files are specially formatted to be read on an eReader device and can be read on a computer with Adobe Digital Editions software installed. This is the most popular file type.
  • MOBI – these files work with the Mobipocket Reader on your computer, on a Kindle or with the Kindle app. On a computer, the Mobipocket Reader must be downloaded before you download any ebooks. Then you can open the MOBI files and organize them in the reader.
  • MP3 -  These are audio files. This option requires your computer or device to have software installed that can open and play MP3 files. Some examples are QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, iTunes and MP3 player devices.
  • PDF – these files are like a snapshot of the original book. The pages do not adjust for easy reading.
  • ZIP – This option compacts the files so you can save them on your computer.  You also may want this file if your eBook has images.  When you download the ZIP Archive, you’ll get 2 files. The images will be in a separate folder. You must extract or unzip all the images.  Then you can open the htm file and read the eBook with the images displaying.

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