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Research Help

Whether it's research for homework or for your own personal interest, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information available not to mention organizing your information. The links below are provided to help with research.

An information literate person:

  • accesses information efficiently and effectively
  • evaluates information critically and compentently
  • uses information accurately and creatively
  • effectively communicates and uses information in a responsible manner

Website Evaluation Tools

  • C.R.A.P. Website Evaluation Checklist: use this when consulting websites to evaluate the currency, reliability, authority, and purpose/point of view.
  • R.E.A.L. Website Evaluation Rubric
    1. R = Read the URL
    2. E = Examine the content
    3. A = Ask about the author/owner of the site. If you don't know who the author/owner is, use
    4. L = Look at the links
  • WebCHECK (website evaluation checklist)

The Big6 is a research model that consists of 6 stages to help you successfull complete any homework or research assignment. The stages include:

  1. Task Definition - what do I need to do? What information do I need?
  2. Information Seeking Strategies - what information sources can I use? Which information sources are the best?
  3. Location & Access - where can I find each source? How can I find the information in each source?
  4. Use of Information - what information in each source is useful? How should I record my notes?
  5. Synthesis - How should I organize the information? How can I best present the information to meet the requirements of my task?
  6. Evaluation - is my project complete? Did I meet each requirement? Which stages were the easiest/hardest?

The INFOhio Research Project Calculator will help you keep important dates and resources easily available!

Information literacy standards

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