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Presentation Guidelines

General Design Guideline for Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Mrs. McNally's Tips for Making a PowerPoint/Presentation (Google Doc)

Presentation Guidelines and Expectations (critique/rubric) (Google Doc)

  • Your title slide may have a striking image (but not overly/visually busy); remember to include:
    Your Name > Topic > Name of Class > Class Period > Date.
  • Be creative in grabbing and maintaining attention. Think outside the box.
  • Use bullet points, not sentences - aim for just one concept on a slide.
  • Images:
    • You do not need to have an image on every slide.
    • If you do include an image, aim for one powerful image, that could be accompanied by minimal text or no text at all.
    • Unless you are using a photo image as a background or image in the presentation, try to avoid too much clip art.
    • Use copyright friendly images (Creative Commons licensed) - be sure to review the Copyright Guidelines section of the OHS Library website. You may search for images conceptually or literally; we suggest using a combintation of the two. In addition, photo links from other OHS library pages may be of value:
    • Mrs. McNally's LiveBinders - Image and Music Sites
    • Useful Websites 
    • Be sure to include the source of your image in the lower corner of your slide (whichever side is best). You may provide a full citation or give credit by statingt:
       This image is used under a CC license from [URL that links back to the image].
  • When using quotes, look for the nugget within the quote. Paraphrase it as much as possible and discover its essence. Always, give proper credit.
  • The slides are for the audience; tell the story of your content and your topic through images. Talk off the presentation. Do not read from it.
  • Be sure to include a "Bibliography." You can generate a proper MLA or APA formatted list to cite your sources using NoodleTools.


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