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Why don’t we have a school resource officer (SRO) at each school? The District and/or the communities it serves will have to find a way to pay for this.

School Resource Officer (SRO) Todd Bennett from the Pepper Pike Police is based at the high school but serves all our buildings. He is on campus any day school is in session. There is a Moreland Hills and Pepper Pike Police presence on campus throughout the day and response times are quick. We also have police support from Orange Village, Woodmere and Hunting Valley.


The Moreland Hills Police Department coordinates a schedule with the schools for an increased police presence to support us several hours a day at the elementary and middle schools. These officers will support administrators and our School Resource Officer (SRO), Todd Bennett, by interacting with students, engaging in the learning process, and collaborating with our staff.


These proactive measures along with ongoing regular visits by our safety forces and the presence of our SRO helps provide students and staff with a safe learning environment. 

Do you have any plans to arm any school staff besides an SRO and local police?

The teachers’ association, the school safety committee and local police forces are strongly against arming staff. Training for armed officers is intense and extensive and well beyond what a staff member with a permit would receive. Arming our staff would be setting them up for failure and be putting them in dangerous situations.

What is the normal fire department response time?

Fire and EMS response provided by Pepper Pike, Chagrin Falls and Orange Fire Departments to the Orange School campus average between 5 to 6 minutes from the time of call to 911.

What are the reasons for not buzzing someone into the building? I think the security should be tighter.

We have heard the concerns regarding the procedure of entering the buildings, and we will be retraining staff to tighten up the way people are allowed into buildings.

At high school dismissal time, I have seen multiple cars fail to stop for pedestrians in the library crosswalk and/or fail to stop for incoming traffic on Gail Allison Drive (they exit the OHS Lot without stopping or even looking). What can be done to make both of these situations safer?

Thank you for sharing this situation. Parents and student drivers will be reminded of this issue. The police will be increasing patrols at dismissal time.

What specific things are being implemented to keep our schools safe?  Is Orange City School District trying to reinvent the wheel on school safety?

We are not looking to reinventing the wheel. We are studying best practices from school districts across the state.

Please see the attached presentation of some of the things that we are currently doing to keep our staff and students safe.  

Are there any talks on installing metal detectors in the schools?

There are no plans to have metal detectors installed in the schools at this time.

Has anyone entertained the idea of using K-9 officers in schools?

We do use K-9 officers periodically throughout the school year to check the buildings.

What are we doing as a community or school district to address mental illness in schools? Are there programs in the fields of psychology and mental health that we can support?

The District has had a long standing commitment to the social and emotional health of students in the Orange Schools. To that end, we have in place robust mental health programing that includes School Psychologists, Guidance Counselors and Social Workers in every building. 

Our mental health teams work in collaboration with staff and administrators to identify students who may benefit from additional supports and utilize the following approaches to support the social and emotional health of students: individual, group, and family interventions, evidence-based mental health practices, threat assessments, trauma-informed care, parent education, guidance and support, intensive case management, and linkages to services.

Why are students told they cannot ride their bicycles to school?

This is a safety measure. There are no sidewalks or bike paths leading up to the Orange Schools Campus. For the safety of the students, we do not want them riding their bikes to school.

Can you please look into Stop the Bleed kits for classrooms?

The Pepper Pike Fire Department is exploring partnerships with University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic for equipment and training for this program.

Can we start doing active practice for evacuation with the SWAT team for the elementary school?

We are now required by law to perform this drill at all the schools. It will be our best practice to do these on a regular basis. 

Can we enforce a dress code and the use of student IDs?

We will enforce the dress code as outlined in the student hand book. We will not be introducing school uniforms.

The District is currently looking into different student ID programs.

Do classrooms have emergency kits, bullet proof items, and  a door safety lock?

The Safety Committee will continue to review these and other safety items for classrooms and other areas of the buildings.
Do we have metal detector wands?

The Orange Schools do not currently have metal detector wands. Local police have access to these items.

Are all students on the text message system?

Students are not on the District text messaging system. Parents are able to opt in to the District text messaging system by texting YES to 68453.

Do all students have the Safe School Helpline saved into their phones?

The Safe School Helpline is shared with students throughout the year.

The Safe School Helpline can be accessed via three methods:
- By telephone at 1-800-4-1-VOICE ext. 359 (1-800-418-6423 ext. 359)
- Online at www.safeschoolhelpline.com
- By texting 66746 and typing "TIPS" as the message.

All messages will be communicated with school officials. All information will remain anonymous to encourage the reporting of all safety concerns.

Can we add a second challenge day in high school? 

This possibility is currently being discussed.

Is their first aid training for staff?

School staff receives some training such as CPR and AED as well as mandatory training through Public School Works. We also provide a registered nurse at each school. 

Is first aid taught in health class?

Yes. First aid training is taught at the high school along with AED training.

Does the school district use an internet filtering system?

Yes. We are always reviewing it as things evolve and improve. Keep in mind we can only filter our own system and network. We cannot filter anything outside of our control.

Can we make ALICE training/education mandatory for parents or part of the parents meetings?

We are only able to mandate staff ALICE training. We did offer a voluntary ALICE presentation for parents through our PTA.

Will you be sharing what parents need to know in the event of a crisis? This information was shared during the parent ALICE presentation and would be valuable to communicate in general.

We will be alerting parents through our notification system and other forms of communication. We strongly encourage you to keep your phone and email contact information current through our OneView Parent Portal and to sign up for our SMS Texting by texting YES to 68453.  

In the event of a crisis, do NOT come to the Orange Schools Campus. Safety forces need to do their jobs in securing the situation. People coming to the campus pulls manpower away. Chagrin Blvd would most likely be shutdown. We will get information out to you as quick as possible, but we need it to be the right information.

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