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Q:    I am a new employee of the Orange City Schools, how do I get my Google  (Gmail, Docs, etc.) and DASL/Progressbook account information?
A:    Staff email, network, and DASL/Progressbook accounts are created as soon as all paperwork is completed through the Human Resources Department. Please contact 216-831-8600 x2245 for login credentials for your Google and DASL/Progressbook account.    
Q:    I am a new student of the Orange City Schools, how do I get my Google (Gmail, Docs, etc.) and network accounts?
A:    Student email and network accounts are created as soon as registration paperwork is completed through the District Registrar.   See the building librarian for account credentials.  
Q:    I am having an issue with my technology (computer/laptop, iPad, projector, document camera, printer, etc.). How do I request help?
A:    If you are having an emergency and cannot continue with your work please call x2245.  If you can continue with your work, please submit your request through Technology Service Requests.  Once we receive your request a ticket will be assigned to a technician and you will be contacted regarding your repair issue. You may be asked to bring your technology to Technology Services for repair, we are located in the Maintenance/Technology building (33600 Chagrin Blvd) at the east end of campus (to the right of the bus garage).

 Q:    How do I access Technology Service Requests?  
A:   Technology Service Requests can be accessed through the Orange Schools website, Staff Resources, Technology Service Requests. You will use your Google credentials to sign-in.  An introductory training video is available to assist you in submitted a request.
Q:    How do I change my student Google password?
A:    Contact the building librarian or technology integration specialist for assistance.
Q:    How do I change my staff Google password?
A:     Go to the Orange Schools website, Staff Resources, and click on the Staff Password Reset Tool.  Follow the prompts for resetting your password.  If you do not know your Active Directory password call x2245.  

Q:     How do I reset my DASL/Progressbook password?
A:     Put a request into Technology Service Requests . Once we receive your request a ticket will be assigned, the password will be reset, and a new password will be sent to your Gmail account.
Q:     How do I reset my voicemail password/PIN?
A:     If you forgot your voicemail password/PIN please put a request into Technology Service Requests. We will reset your PIN and email setup instructions. 

Q:     Should I save my login credentials in my internet browser?
A:     No! If you log into Gmail, ProgressBook, DASL, or even your bank, you should never answer yes if the browser asks if you would like to save your password. The reason? If your computer was ever left logged in and unattended, or stolen or misplaced, any of these sites would be readily accessible to whomever had access to your computer. Student, teacher, anyone...
Q:     My MacBook Air needs to be repaired, will I receive a loaner laptop to use?
A:     Yes, teachers whose MacBook Air is in for repair will receive a loaner laptop until their laptop is fixed.
Q:    How do I auto install software updates on my MacBook Air?
A:    Teacher MacBook Airs:  Updates will be pushed out via JAMF.  All other MacBook Airs:  Apple Support - Updating Your Mac

Q:    How do I auto install software updates on my Windows computer?
Q:    My student(s) is having issues with their chromebook/iPad. How do I request help?
A:    First, contact the technology integration specialist in your building. If they are unable to resolve your issue the technology integration specialist will submit a request to Technology Service Requests and if applicable, issue a chromebook loaner. 
Q:    I think my MacBook Air has a virus, is running slow, or is not responding; what should I do?
A:    First, restart your computer to see if that clears up any issues. Second, run a program called Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes can be found in your Applications folder. It is a program that, when run, cleans identified Malware or Adware off of your computer. It is recommended that you run the Malwarebytes program every month or so to clear any of these programs out. You can access the Malwarebytes by going to "Applications" in the Finder or by searching through the Launchpad. When you open it, select Scan and follow the directions. If you are still having computer performance issues, please put a request into Technology Service Requests.

Q:    My power cord on my laptop is no longer working.  How do I get it repaired?
A:     Please submit a request into Technology Service Requests.  If it is a teacher MacBook Air power cord, we will confirm that it is no longer working and provide you with a new power cord.  If it is a power cord from a parapro laptop, we will replace it if the cord is damaged or no longer working.  Technology Services will also replace all damaged or broken student chromebook and student iPad power cords.
Q:    My power cord/dongle for my laptop was lost or stolen.
A:    You are responsible for replacing a lost or stolen power cord/dongle.   
Q:    I received a suspicious email.  Should I open it or delete it?
A:     Phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords and credit card numbers. Please remain diligent when opening emails that seem "suspect". If you are asked to open a document, enter your username and password, or "click" on something, then most likely it is spam, phishing, or a virus. Simply delete the email...do not forward it to anyone else.  You may take a screenshot of the email and send it to [email protected].
Q:    How often should I back up my data?
A:    Daily. In fact, if you are utilizing Google Apps for Education to its fullest, there is no need to back up. If you continue to utilize Microsoft Office be sure to back up all files to Google Drive nightly. Google Drive provides unlimited storage for ALL file types (including PDF, JPEG, MPEG, etc.). Please work with your building technology integration specialist
if you have any questions about backing up your data.
Q:    I did not receive a call during a recent school closing.
A:    All full-time employees are automatically enrolled in our emergency messaging system. If you did not receive a call OR have a phone number change please call 216-831-8600 x6627.

Q:     I am taking temporary leave of absence, can I take my laptop with me?
A:     Teachers are able to take their laptop with them on leave. Technology Services provides long term subs with a loaner laptop while teachers are out on a temporary leave of absence. Please have your long term sub contact Technology Services at x2245 to arrange for a laptop pickup.
Q:    What should I do with technology items that need to be disposed?
A:    Put a request into Technology Service Requests listing the items that need to be picked up.  Once we receive your request a ticket will be assigned to a technician and you will be contacted regarding the disposal.
Q:    I am graduating from Orange High School. What happens to my Google account?
A:    Students leaving or graduating from Orange Schools must move all information (emails, contacts, documents, and any other Google account information) from their Orange Schools Google account to a personal Google account. Google accounts for students graduating from Orange Schools will expire August 1st. Google accounts for students who leave Orange Schools are deactivated the day of withdrawal. Below are links to information and videos detailing the process for moving your Google account information.
Create a personal Google account
Google Takeout

Q:   I am a staff member leaving/retiring from Orange Schools. What do I do with my technology? 

A:   Staff leaving Orange Schools must contact Technology Services for assistance with transferring document ownership. Orange Schools Google accounts expire on the last contract day. Technology Services is available M-F 7:00 AM - 3:15 PM at 216-831-8600 x2245.
Q:  How do I add a printer to my computer?
A:   Check out these instructions for printing. 

Technology Services 
Technology/Maintenance Bldg.
216.831.8600 x2245


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