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Health Services

Health Services

School Nurses advance the well- being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students (National Association of School Nurses, 2010). 

Welcome to Orange Schools Health Services web page where parents can access health forms and health information.

Health Services

Each school building is staffed with a full-time licensed School Nurse during regular school hours. Research shows that healthy children are ready to learn, and our goal is to have each student entering school healthy and learning.

Health Screenings

  • Vision is routinely screened in K, 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.
  • Hearing is routinely screened in K, 1, 3, 5, 9 and 11.
Health Procedures
  • Students should stay home when they don’t feel well and if any of these symptoms are present:
    • Fever of 100 degrees or higher without medication
    • Diarrhea 
    • Vomiting
    • Severe sore throat
    • Persistent or severe cough
    • Undiagnosed rash
    • An earache or draining ear
    • Cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, cough that are not being managed well by the student


    Students must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication before returning to school.

    Students must stay home for 24 hours after last vomiting episode.


    This list is not all-inclusive and there may be other health reasons a child should be kept home from school. Contact your school nurse if you have any questions. 

  • Head lice are a very common problem, especially between the ages of 3-12 years old. We ask that parents do their part and check their student’s hair routinely at home for live louse.

  • Parents will be contacted when students need to go home due to illness or injury. 

  • A communicable disease confirmed by the child’s physician must be reported to the School Nurse. Communicable diseases are Chickenpox, Coxsackie Virus (Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease), Croup, Fifth Disease, Flu (Influenza), Hepatitis, HIV, Impetigo, Lice, Measles, Mumps, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis), Pinworms, Ringworm, Scabies, and Strep Throat.

  • Students in grades 7-12 who participate in interscholastic sports are required to have an athletic physical. 

Medical Requirements

In compliance with the Ohio Revised Code No. 3313.671 and 3701.13 students will not be permitted to attend school unless all immunization requirements are met.

For a complete list of required immunizations, visit

Physical examinations: All newly enrolled students to Orange, are requested to provide a physical examination report from their health care provider. This examination should not be older than one calendar year.

Health Forms

Special Health Needs

Please contact the School Nurse directly to discuss your child’s medical needs, 216-831-8600.

  • ext. 4622 (Moreland Hills Elementary School)
  • ext. 3622 (Brady Middle School)
  • ext. 2624 (Orange High School)

Emergency Care Plan Forms

Health Links

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