Jeffrey Leikin

To Learn. To Lead. To Make a Difference.

Jeffrey Leikin

Meet Board Member: Jeffrey Leikin

Jeff Leikin has lived in Orange Community for more than 30 years and is a 1977 graduate of Orange High School.  He and his wife have three children, two that graduated from the Orange Schools and one currently attending Orange High School.
Jeff is a life member of the Orange Alumni Association and is also a long-time member of the Orange Patronaires and Orange Boosters. He has coached youth sports for both the old OCAA and the OCER.

He earned a college degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a  Juris Doctorate from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.
"Through my short tenure on the Board I have gained great satisfaction in learning the areas of school curriculum, finances and the interrelationship between the board and the community, parents and administrators. I am especially motivated by the realization that as a board member I can truly make a difference in the educational experience for the kids, grades K-12, and in the furtherance of Orange's standing in the educational community."

Share a School-Related Memory:
1) My junior year of high school I walked into Terry Jordan's history class. Written on the "chalkboard" was the words "John Hanson was the first president of the United States". In those days teachers could report to class 10 minutes late and Mr. Jordan was least 10 minutes late that day. During that time the students debated what the heck ... what happened to George Washington anyways. Then began our curriculum about the Articles of Confederation that predated the US Constitution and President Washington. This is just a small example of how my teachers at Orange encouraged debate and critical thinking in the learning process that made my education at Orange so special.

2) My senior year our football team at Orange was predicted to finish next to last in the CVC. In fact, our coaches kicked us off the practice field during summer two a day practices and threatened to cancel the season. We had not beaten our arch rival Chagrin Falls in 9 years. What happened during that year was truly special. A group of classmates developed a lifelong bond that still remains today.

We started by organizing our own practices without coaching supervision. We all practiced harder than we had ever practiced before - we motivated each other to be the best. The seniors directed the program. Eventually our real coaches came back. We were determined to never let them, ourselves, or our school down again. We beat Chagrin Falls at their field that year and went on to become Co-CVC champions of the conference. To my knowledge that was Orange's first CVC championship in football.
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