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Masking | Mitigation | Isolation Guidance

In Person Learning

In Person Learning 
Once again, Happy New Year! While we are still committed to returning to in person learning on Wednesday, a few parents have asked about the potential of online learning and what would trigger it.
  • There is no set number of staff absences to trigger the cancellation of in person learning
  • This varies from school to school and level to level as the principals and staff collaborate and do a great job covering classes
  • This also depends on the number of substitutes available. Unfortunately, absence and substitute availability is not information for which we get a lot of notice to respond 
  • In the event we would ever need to pause in person learning for a short period of time, there will be a  transition day in order to prepare for online teaching and learning. Teachers will prepare and post asynchronous (no live instruction) lessons for students on the transition day
  • Online live instruction would commence the next day following the current in person schedule. 
It is important to note that unlike last year, even the CCBH is not promoting remote learning. In their most recent guidance on remote learning on 12-29-21, the CCBH shared the following considerations:
  • Mask mandates may prevent the need for school closure
  • Impact on learning and engagement
  • When learning remotely, students are still likely to gather in unmonitored groups outside of school
  • When learning remotely, students may put others at home more at-risk of exposure
  • Strain on caregivers with sudden child care issues
We recognize that community transmission continues to be high, but we have also seen that the school environment has not proven to be a significant source of transmission. However, we respect parents choosing to keep children home per current attendance protocols. Please contact your building principal with attendance questions.

Review of Masking / Mitigation Strategies

The Orange City School District continues to have a face mask requirement for all students, staff and visitors when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Also, as a reminder:

  1. Masks required on buses for ALL, including the driver unless driving without passengers
  2. Masks required indoors for ALL students, staff, visitors and sports spectators**
  3. Masks not required outdoors, including recess, for students, staff and sports spectators
  4. Continue bus seating and cleaning procedures, spacing as much as possible
  5. Contact tracing and reporting will continue
  6. Consider the ODH and CCBH Guidance
  7. Continue use of REME-Halo (UV lighting and ionization)
  8. Table dividers in the MHS and Brady cafeterias
  9. Water fountains are off-limits (water bottles and use of filling stations permitted)
  10. Distancing - as much distancing as possible in classroom seating arrangements, limiting close activities and avoiding physical contact
  11. Hand sanitizing is expected in each classroom and at lunch
  12. Continue custodial routines, ongoing wipedown of high contact surfaces
  13. Test kits being provided when available, to minimize time lost to quarantine

**To support mitigation efforts, masking will continue to be required at:
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • In-person meetings with teachers, administrators, etc.
  • Board meetings
  • Any indoor events on campus (school-related, community-based, OCER events, etc.)

Again, while masking is not everyone’s preference, it is an important expectation and strategy to keep things open and accessible for students, families and the community without more extensive limitations. 

COVID-19 Isolation & Quarantine Updates

COVID-19 Isolation & Quarantine Updates
The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) have adopted the new recommendations of the CDC regarding isolation and quarantine protocols. Taking this all into consideration, below is the Orange Schools guidance:

What if an individual tests positive* for COVID-19?
  • Stay home and isolate for 5 days regardless of symptoms or vaccination status
  • Stay away from other people as much as possible, including those in your own home, and wear a well fitted 3-layer or better mask if you must be around others
  • On day six after symptoms began (or day six after positive test result if asymptomatic)
  • If you have been fever free for 24 hours and other symptoms have started to get better, resume activities with a well fitted mask
  • If you have not been fever free for 24 hours or other symptoms have not gotten better, stay home until the fever is gone and other symptoms are better
  • Previous guidance required 10 days of isolation, so please consult with your healthcare provider when determining when to return to school
*Anyone having symptoms of COVID-19 and waiting for test results should stay home until receiving test results, consulting a healthcare provider as well

What if an individual was in close contact with another with COVID-19?
  • If the contact does not have symptoms, they can continue to attend school/activities* and:
  • Wear a well fitted mask around others
  • Monitor for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Test on day five after exposure (recommended)
  • Athletes/extracurricular participants are to test within 24 hours of learning of their exposure and again on day five after exposure (recommended)
  • If symptoms develop or a positive test result is received, stay home
*Consult with a healthcare provider when determining whether ot not to attend school/functions

Who to Contact When Symptoms Develop or There is a Positive Test

If your child or anyone in your household develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, that person should immediately isolate, and you should call the following:
  • CCBH at 216-201-2000
  • Your healthcare provider
  • Your school building’s COVID Hotline at 216-831-8600:
  • MHS ext. 4603
  • BMS ext. 3622
  • OHS ext. 2610
  • OIP ext. 5630
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