Next Generation Learning

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Next Generation Learning

Next Generation Learning

At Orange Schools, we have been working with teachers to transform our district into one that appropriately reflects the needs of today’s children.

It is because of this capacity and the innovative work of our teachers that Orange was one of only three districts in Ohio, along with Upper Arlington Schools and one Cincinnati school, invited to join the Ohio Department of Education in the Partnership for Next Generation Learning (NxGL).

Orange was chosen by NxGL for our readiness to show the nation what is possible in education when systems are designed to provide a learner-centered, innovative experience for all students.

Our work within the district and with the state and national teams will include the following essential elements of this partnership:

• Personalized learning

• Comprehensive system of learning supports

• World-class knowledge and skills

• Performance-based learning

• Anytime, everywhere opportunities

• Authentic student voices.

“If our children are to succeed in a world that is increasingly diverse, globalized and technology-rich, they require learning experiences and environments for learning that are radically different from those the current system was designed to deliver.” - NxGL

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