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OHS Model UN Team Victorious Again!


Congratulations once again to the OHS Model UN Team which took home a record 22 awards at the conference in Lorain last week. OHS students won an award in every council they were involved in and took home the first place silver bowl overall! This marks the team's second overall win this year with one more conference to go in the spring.  

Individual awards were handed out as follows:

General Assembly
Switzerland: Mariam Tsutskiridze
GAVEL AWARD: Best Delegate

Security Council
Venezuela: Vicky Poprickin and Tamara Joseph:
Honorable Mention

Economic and Social Committee
South Africa: Anjali Kashyap and Megan Roth:
Excellent Delegation

United Nations Human Rights Council
Georgia: Jacob Cramer and Jackson Leb:
Superior Delegation
Morocco: Ethan Heiss and Noah Golovan:
Excellent Delegation

World Health Organization
Albania: Drew Allison and Spencer Roth:
Excellent Delegation
Denmark: Ian Resnick and Abby Goldshmidt :
Superior Delegation

United Nations Development Programme
Germany: Ethan Hsi and Josh Cramer:
Superior Delegation
Switzerland: Sophie Suh and Rachel Pomeranets:
Honorable Mention
Nepal: Anna Brateanu and Janie Boyle:
Honorable Mention

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Sweden: Isabel Sands and Zoey Yelsky:
Superior Delegation
GAVEL Award (Best Delegate): Isabel Sands

Congratulations to all of our Model UN students!!! We are proud you are Orange!

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