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Invention Convention Shows Students' Creativity & Collaboration

Invention Convention Shows Students' Creativity & Collaboration

Moreland Hills School 5th graders in Ms. Kate Allard's 225 program created, collaborated and competed in the Invention Convention intersession last week. Now that the students' projects have all been judged, we will soon find out who is able to go on to the state competition!

The Invention Convention is an exciting STEAM aligned program that allows the students to identify problems and create solutions. It has really allowed them to think creatively and become ongoing problem solvers. The students were exposed to multiple problem-solving methods and adopted real-life skills.

Some of the projects included Smart Scale, Crystal Clear Goggles, XLeash, Expandable Bookshelf, Jack O Latern Mayhem, Barcode Wristband, Sheg Coat, Rolly, Provato, Back Pack Heat, Remembrall, and Space Divider.

First the students had to identify a problem and then through the power of brainstorming, they had to identify as many solutions to their problem as they could. Once they accomplished this, they were ready to figure out what materials, tools, equipment, etc. they needed in order to design their prototype. Then, they had to test their prototype to determine what modifications they could make.

After testing their prototype several times, they documented each trial and summarized how well their prototype (solution) solved their original problem. Lastly, they all created a survey and collected data to obtain information from others regarding their problem/solution. They then created graphs to display their data and finished the project by displaying everything on their tri-fold boards.

Throughout this process the students all kept a journal where they took notes and documented the entire process (which started in late September 2016).

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