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COVID-19: Instructional Models & Schedules

Dear Orange Schools Families,


I hope this message finds you well. As you are aware, there has been an ongoing discussion about the potential return to in-person learning via a hybrid model of instruction. If county COVID-19 data trends continue, per the Cuyahoga County Board of Health guidelines, we are on track to implement our hybrid model on October 19th. If this comes to fruition, we will announce it after seeing the updated county data on October 2nd, assuming the county status has not elevated to Red or Purple on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. 


I have linked two important documents. Please read the Orange COVID-19 Instructional Models Overview document first. This document will paint the big picture of the instructional models as you consider which one to select for your children. This document also reviews general information about meals, busing, and other logistics. Next, please read the COVID-19 Hybrid Model-Building Schedule Overview. This document gives building-specific information that may also influence your decision to select a blended in-person return or to elect remote learning for your children. 


Tomorrow, September 24th at 6 PM, the principals and I are hosting a Zoom question and answer session. We will have discussion and field questions related to this information. Then, following that session, you will receive an email containing a link to the Revised 2020-2021 Registration Form for parents. We are asking you to please complete the form for each child you have attending Orange. A couple of months have gone by since the original form, and much has changed since July. So, we need to collect updated information so we can more efficiently flesh out class lists and work on transportation details. Again, this form will be sent out Thursday evening. 


In closing, thanks for all of your grace and flexibility during these tough times. None of this is easy, and I am sure there are challenges around the bend. However, we will continue to deliver the best education possible, as safely as possible, dealing with the challenges and making changes as needed to overcome them. 




Dr. Lynn Campbell
[email protected]