Ballard Brady Middle School

Brady Middle School is designed to meet the diverse needs of middle school-aged students. To that end, staff members work collaboratively to create systems and structures that promote student success socially, emotionally and academically. Central to this work is the ability to authentically engage students in the curriculum in meaningful ways.

Brady students receive instruction in the curricular areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Sixth graders receive instruction in Reading, while seventh and eighth grade students choose between studying a Foreign Language or Literature. Special Area courses offered at the grade levels include Band, Choir, Orchestra, General Music, Art, Physical Education, Health, Speech & Communication, Drama, Digital Media and Information, Typing and Basic Word Processing, Internet Research and Research Documents, Productivity Tools, Unity in Cultural Awareness and Foundations and Cultural Issues of the 21st Century. Special Education, English as a Second Language and Gifted/Talented classes meet the needs of our diverse student body and offer support and challenge.

Students and teachers work together to create relationships that result in a rich and rigorous academic experience. To promote these relationships, students are part of teams at each grade level. Teachers work closely with one another to support student growth and development towards established goals. In addition to being a member of a team, students are also a part of a smaller group, known as a Pride. One of their team teachers serves as Pride Leader. It is this teacher's role to oversee the educational experience for members of his/her Pride and to serve as a liaison between home and school. The Pride Leader becomes the student's primary adult advocate and works to build a positive relationship and become a trusted advisor to each student in the Pride.

Extracurricular activities, athletics, assemblies and special programs offer students with a well-rounded educational experience. In addition to a long list of interscholastic and intramural athletic teams, students are also encouraged to participate in other clubs and activities, which include Student Council, WEB Leaders, Young Astronauts, Builders Club, Robotics Club, Yearbook and School Newspaper, just to name a few. We come together periodically as a school community for assemblies and special events. Oftentimes the topic is motivational, informative, or provides the opportunity to celebrate our student's talents and achievements. 8th grade students who participate in the Dancing Classrooms program enjoy demonstrating their ballroom dance moves to an audience of classmates, staff members, parents and friends. Finally, we have a number of special programs that are hallmarks of a Brady education. They include the Brady Musical, the sixth grade field trip to outdoor camp, the seventh grade Veteran's Day Observance, the eighth grade trip to Washington, DC, and the Great Race, a time-honored tradition that provides a positive and spirited ending to each school year.

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