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PTA Membership


On behalf of the Orange High School PTA, thank you for your support. Your membership allows us to provide activities, programming, teacher and building grants, and much more to support and facilitate learning for our students, teachers, schools and community.

Here’s to a safe, healthy and wonderful year ahead!


To Join OHS PTA and pay online right now, please click the link:

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Orange High School PTA Membership 2022-2023


King & Pride members in bold ($45 and above)


Thank you members for your commitment to the OHS PTA - We appreciate your support! 


Ally and Shaw Abrams        

Patricia Alesci       

Angela and Sean Arnold       

Naira Azatyan

Mary Balding

Alex and Julie Beynenson       

Amy and Scott Bilsky         

Christy and Jesse Blasier       

William Brochak       

Dawn Brown        

Mark Burkhart       

Lynn Campbell       

Kathy Castrataro       

Jennifer Chin       

Debbie and Chris Comella       

Bitty & Thomas Cook       

Juleta Craig        

Karen Davies        

William Derrick       

Gary DiBianca       

Lyn Dickert-Leonard 

Brandon DuVall       

Michelle Feinberg 

Stacey Fellinger 

Kathleen Fleming       

Marcy Fludine       

Kathleen Frazier        

Lisa Friedman 

Meredith Glazer        

Amy Glesius       

Daniel Golovan       

Randall Goodman        

Shauna Hajek

Deb Hurwitz        

Leslie Insul       

Caroline Kangas       

Mark Kimball        

Melissa and Lee Korland

Tracey Leikin       

Heather Lenson        

Lauren and Ryan Lepene       

Clayton Lilly       

Yvette McDaniel       

Joanna McNally       

Rupal Mehra        

Leon Mendlowitz        

Christine Noy       

Eric Oberster       

Tique Oeflein       

Megan Petronsky       

Katie Phillips       

Alison Pool        

Vicki Reed         

Jon and Andrea Rice         

Amanda and Kurt Ringenbach        

Kristin Roberts       

Steven Rosen         

Tracy and Sal Russo       

Patrick and Stefanie Russo        

Nicole Senor       

Rebeca Spidalieri       

Wendy Spitz       

Vikas Turakhia       

Amy Tye        

Kathy and Jon Utech        

Lindsay Vincent       

Jenny Walinsky       

Adina Wolf       

Kelly Wonnell       

Neeti Wyckoff        

Lisa Zucker