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Information and Data Privacy

Information and Data Privacy

Welcome to the Orange City Schools privacy webpage.  Within these pages you will find resources related to information and data privacy and what we are doing to protect your data.  As a district, we strive to be transparent in how we handle and manage your data, share what processes are in place to protect your data, and provide resources for how you can protect your own data at home.  

Approved Online Services

The Orange City Schools utilizes a vetting process to streamline online services purchases by reviewing for technincial and contractual requirements as well as student data privacy protections under FERPA and COPPA for students and staff.  The district utilizes the Student Data Privacy Alliance website when reviewing the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of each online service provider.  

Approved Software/Online Services list - this list is shared annually with parents/guardians via the Parent Portal.  



(CIPA) - Children's Internet Protection Act - Requires school districts to put protections in place to filter internet content that may be harmful to minors.
(COPPA) - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act - Software vendors/online services must obtain parental consent for any data collected for students. School districts may obtain this consent on behalf of vendors/online services.  

(FERPA) - Family Education Rights and Protection Act - Protects the privacy of student education records. Regulates how student information is shared.
(HIPAA) - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - Protects the privacy and security of health information.  Regulates how student health information is shared.


Protecting against Ransomware

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware Reference Materials for Parents, Teachers, and K-12 Administrators

Ransomware Reference Materials for Students

Video Conferencing - Guidelines to keeping you and your students safe

Red Flags of a Phishing Scam

CISA – Blueprint of a Phishing Attack

If you have any questions, please contact the district's Information Privacy Officer, Jennette Irish-Glass at 216.831.8600 x2238. 

Technology Services 
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