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Curriculum & Instruction

An image of Sheli Amato

Sheli Amato

Director of Curriculum & Gifted Services
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Julie Raffay

Curriculum Coordinator

Curriculum & Instruction

Students doing science experiment Our goal is not to prepare our students to be good test takers. It is to help them obtain the skills to become life-long learners. We have an obligation to prepare students with all tools possible to teach teamwork, collaboration, persistence, critical thinking, innovation, and creative problem solving through the various pursuits of academic knowledge,. We must also remain committed to helping students develop socially and emotionally, and to fostering strong civic values and character.

Orange understands the importance of reaching high achievement on state testing without sacrificing the engaged learning experiences children deserve. The use of 21st Century learning skills helps Orange students achieve something extraordinary and develop life-long learning skills above and beyond what can be measured on a paper and pencil test.

With the increasing interconnectivity of the global community, children today will be competing for careers and jobs with other children worldwide, not just in their geographical area. As educators, we are responsible to know and understand the tools and technology available to our students, and to incorporate them into our lesson designs. Instruction must be rigorous and relevant. Instruction should promote global awareness; financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial skills; learning and innovation skills; and information, media and technology skills.

Successful individuals in the future must be able to master traditional academic subjects, but will have to use that knowledge in creative and innovative ways in an ever changing world. In the Orange City School District, we are committed to preparing every student for success in that future.


2023 Orange State Report Card

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