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Community Service Opportunities

Community Service Opportunities

"Being kind is the simplest way to become who we really are."
Piero Ferrucci



Why Community Service?

The Orange Schools strongly encourage its students, faculty, staff and their families to volunteer in the community.

Community service obviously benefits the organization and individuals being served. Many of the vital community service organizations in our community could not survive without the assistance of volunteers.

Volunteerism also benefits the individual volunteer. Community service increases self-confidence, teaches life skills, enhances social skills and teaches responsibility. Volunteering provides students with insights into issues facing our community and inspires a life-long commitment to service. A demonstrated commitment to service reflects favorably on students being considered for awards, scholarships and college admission. Students who serve others are less likely to engage in at-risk behaviors. Volunteering can be both rewarding and fun!!

Reporting Volunteer Hours

Students are encouraged to report their volunteer activities to the Guidance Office by turning in a completed Orange Schools Community Service Form for each activity in which they participate. Students should take forms with them when they volunteer so that the Community service supervisor can complete and sign the form. The Guidance Office track hours reported by the students and this database is used for the following recognitions.

Volunteer Requirements & Recognition

Though Orange High School does not require that students engage in community service as a condition of graduation, students who regularly volunteer in the community are eligible for recognition and awards.

  • Community Service hours appear on the college transcript.

Application to a college or university is a multifaceted process. Community service, like other outside activities, plays a role in the admissions process because the type and length of involvement gives a window into the personality and interests of the applicant. Most colleges like to see long-term involvement in just a few activities, with leadership roles in at least one of them. The OHS Guidance office collects the signed volunteer forms and retains a file for each student located right in the guidance office. The students are welcome to come in to look through their folders to check their hours.

  • The Orange High School PTA recognizes students who participate in community service bygiving Volunteer Awards to graduating seniors who have reported at least 70 cumulative hours of community service during their four years at OHS.
  • The National Honor Society recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. To meet the Service requirement of the OHS Chapter of the NHS, students must volunteer at least 15 hours per year.



Orange Schools Community Service Form

Click here to download the Orange Schools Community Service Form.


OHS Volunteeer Oppurtunities

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